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First Custom-Printed Disposable Gloves.


Our Vision with

Custom Printed gloves

Turn your plain and boring gloves into something unique with our Custom glove line. Whether you’d like to show off your brand in your social media posts, provide a uniquely memorable giveaway at a tradeshow, or complete your work uniform for your employees, Custom Image Gloves are designed to show your brand on in your hand.

Handvertising™ builds your brand awareness and shows that you take protection seriously for your customers. Keep your brand top of mind and drive positive associations with your business. Try our high-quality Custom-printed line today!

Why Choose Custom Printed

Image Gloves

  • Wear them to build your brand.

    Handvertise™ your business as you interact with and serve customers.

  • Sell them to generate revenue.

    Turn your highly desirable brand into additional exposure—and revenue.

  • Give them away as promotional items.

    Show your appreciation for customers & provide a useful reminder of your business.

  • Inspire employees with a better look.

    Help your employees represent your brand and business with pride.

  • The possibilities are endless...

    Start your design now and see how your brand looks on custom-printed Image Gloves.

Create your custom-printed gloves as

easily as 1-2-3.

Choose Your Packaging

Upload Your Logo & Choose Orientation

Once Your Virtual Is Approved Your Order Will Be Printed And Shipped To You

Frequently Asked


We have small, medium, large, and x-large. Size large is most popular if you're trying to place a "one size fits all" order. All of our sizes our unisex.

Find the best glove size for you—before ordering. Measure the widest part of your dominant hand by wrapping a tape measure around your hand and across your palm. Round up to the next half-inch or centimeter. View our sizing guide.

- 4.5-gram weight nitrile gloves (~5mil)
- Latex free and powder free
- High puncture resistance
- Excellent chemical resistance

- Unisex sizing: small, medium, large and x-large (Sizing chart)
- Colors: varies by product, may be available in black, white and blue

- For best results, upload a .PNG file with the background set to be transparent
- If you upload a .JPG or .GIF file and a white background can be seen in your preview, we will treat it as transparent and it will not be printed
- If you ALSO have vector-based artwork (e.g., .AI or .EPS files),please submit it to our Design Services teamAFTER you place your order
- If you ONLY have vector-based artwork (e.g., .AI or .EPS files),please submit it to our Design Services teamand they will contact you to complete your order
- Printing is full-color CMYK
- Printable area L x W is 70mm x 60mm